About the Founder

Raised on a family farm in Wisconsin, founder Jeanne Carpenter worked as an award-winning journalist, served as spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and worked as communications director of the Dairy Business Innovation Center, a non-profit widely credited for helping reinvigorate the Wisconsin dairy industry in the 2000’s.

She is one of a handful of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals in Wisconsin. Her mission has always been to grow recognition of Wisconsin artisan cheese through celebrating and coordinating the connection between cheesemakers and cheese eaters. That’s why she founded Wisconsin Cheese Originals.

Today, Jeanne and her husband own Firefly Coffeehouse & Artisan Cheese in downtown Oregon, Wisconsin. This new opportunity means Wisconsin Cheese Originals has come to an end, as Jeanne focuses on three passions: 1) building a community around good food & coffee, 2) bringing artisan cheese to the heart of Oregon and 3) continuing to help steer smart and steady growth in her hometown as a three-term elected member of the Oregon Village Board.

Jeanne Carpenter of Wisconsin Cheese Originals