About Us

We’re all about cheese

Wisconsin Cheese Originals is an organization dedicated to sharing information about new artisan cheeses. Membership is open to any individual with an interest in Wisconsin cheese. We also encourage cheesemakers, farmers, retailers and chefs to join and stay connected to what’s happening in the ever changing marketplace.

Become a Member and you can expect to:

  • Learn why Wisconsin cheese tastes so good (hint: it has to do with Wisconsin’s sweet soils, the grasses those soils produce and the milk produced from the grass).
  • Taste new artisan, farmstead & specialty cheeses before products go to market and give feedback to the cheesemaker.
  • Learn the difference between the tangy brightness of goat’s milk cheese, the nutty, buttery richness of sheep’s milk cheese and the sweetness of cow’s milk cheese.
  • Get the inside scoop on the Wisconsin cheese industry and become connected to a network of cheese enthusiasts.

Wisconsin Cheese Originals is a sister organization to the Wisconsin Artisan Cheesemaker Guild. If you are a beginning or current artisan or farmstead cheesemaker, considering joining the guild for networking and educational opportunities!